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Our client is a Danish IT corporation that decided to open a Competence Centre in Poland. It specialises in the production and distribution of audio solutions and sound systems. We have been cooperating since 2022.

The challenges which our Client has face

The opening of the Competence Centre in Poland was another step for the Client in building the company’s position as a major supplier of audio solutions and sound systems. Taking into account the complexity of this project and its time pressures, the Client decided to outsource the recruitment process.

The company was looking for a partner who would:

create an optimised and effective recruitment process that quickly identified the right candidates who would accords with the company’s values

recruit and employ approx. 200 experts in the field of IT, finance, administration, R&D and sales within 24 months

implement Employer Branding activities

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Devire solutions

Our cooperation with the Client began in February 2022. We cooperated in the RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) model. Our experienced team of recruiters worked quickly and intensively to provide a comprehensive solution. We all agreed that this would be the right approach in order to achieve the desired results.

This approach was facilitated by a combination of Devire expertise and know-how, supplemented by specialised sourcing tools; making us the ideal partner for the project. Thanks to our cooperation, we managed to develop an optimal solution that exceeded all Client expectations.

Our partnership entailed a detailed discussion of the Client’s needs, expectations, and budgetary constraints, as well as the qualifications required of the target team. With the commencement of the recruitment process, we leveraged our expansive network of contacts, making recourse to database searches, referrals, recruitment marketing activities, announcements on portals, and social media outreach. We also coordinated Employer Branding activities aimed at reaching and engaging potential candidates. Following this, we conducted over 360 recruitment processes, which led to a selection of 108 experts (in the first year of cooperation) who best matched all the criteria specified by the Client.

We assumed responsibility for not only the candidate search but also overseeing marketing support for recruitment and employer branding activities.

The results of our cooperation

We have met recruitment needs by employing 108 experts in 11 months, including a Mobile Developer, DevOps Engineer, QA/Test Engineer, Frontend & Backend Developer and Embedded Developer (Linux/Android)

We have created and implemented strategies for recruitment marketing and Employer Branding

We have streamlined HR processes

Thanks to these activities and steps, the Client has retained flexibility of employment for individual projects and has been able to rapidly scale teams. The work of Devire experts has led to a dynamic increase in the company’s value and contributed to its global development.

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