Salary report

IT Salaries in Poland

The first half of 2023

Find out about the latest IT remuneration rates and salary trends.

IT earnings in Poland as we approach the 3rd quarter of 2023

In 2023, the labour market in the IT sector experienced a slowdown. Compared to the previous year, we saw significantly lower rates of employment growth. However, the first half of this year saw stabilising indicators in terms of salaries, financial expectations and employment-related HR budgets.

Download the free Devire Report “IT Salaries in Poland – the first half of 2023,” and learn about current employee rates and the latest trends on the IT job market. Check out who has received raises in recent months and see how earnings vary at different job levels.

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What will you find in the report?

The current salary trends in the IT industry for various positions

The report also presents precise data on earnings in Q1-Q2 2023, given in the range of the most frequently offered rates.

Expected wage

Find out about remuneration growth forecasts for the coming quarters. With our report, you can follow salary trends and gain a better understanding of the IT job market.

Statements from leading experts on the market

Each area is preceded by insights from our Devire specialists, who conduct IT recruitment on a daily basis.

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Who will earn the most in 2023?

Over the coming months, experienced IT specialists may see a slight increase in their remuneration, whereas novice workers will either experience a slight fluctuation or a minimal drop in their earning levels.

The presented data includes salary ranges, which are divided into categories, experience levels and positions. We provide forensic data for permanent employment contracts, to include also the hourly rates for B2B contracts.

In the report you will find remuneration levels in the following areas:

  • Business applications 
  • Data analysis
  • Business and system analysis 
  • Project management 
  • Testing/QA 
  • Software Development 
  • Backend Development 
  • Frontend Development 
  • IT infrastructure 
  • IT security 
  • DevOps/Cloud 
  • General Management 

Explore current IT employment rates and trends for 2023

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