Devire: Your employee secondment partner in Poland

Sometimes you might need to hire a specialist for a full-time position, but due to headcount freeze or other restrictions, you are not in a position to hire. Employee secondment will be a perfect solution for your business! Devire will provide you with the best-suited employees and serve the role of their employer. Employee secondment in Poland is also an ideal solution for companies having a problem finding a specialist with rare and niche skills.

What is Employee secondment ?

Devire provides a company with employees of a particular profile, recruited in a specified time frame. Devire becomes their employer and assumes all employees’ obligations under the Labor Code, including their insurance, settlements, or holidays. At Devire, we give our clients the opportunity to manage the Employee secondment  projects directly.

What are the Primary Advantages of Employee secondment  in Poland?

Employee secondment  brings numeral advantages for your business. Thanks to this solution, you will:

  • reduce the number of full-time employees in your organization
  • lower the cost of your permanent employment
  • gain the possibility of flexible employment management
  • benefit from Devire’s competences and know-how only when the need arises
  • be able to hire employees full-time in your company once a project is completed

What is more, the number of administrative processes in your company will be kept to a necessary minimum, and all legal responsibility will be transferred to us. Devire will take care of the time-consuming recruitment process and take over all the administrative services related to the employment process. We will also provide all of the necessary tools and office space. Employee secondment  is all about clearing the roadblocks that keep you from focusing on the key operating activities.

Devire – your Partner in Employee secondment  in Poland

With Devire, you can be sure to work with the best in the business. We currently outsource hundreds specialists – from supervisors to senior managers in all industries. You can be sure that we will find and employ the best specialists or managers with the competencies you expect. We’ve developed our Employee secondment solution in the way that the staff outsourced provide the exceptional added value for every company for which we run a project.

At Devire, we use tools and methods that allow us to precisely and effectively verify the experience and competence of our outsourced employees. We always make sure that they are the top specialists with excellent references because while working in our client’s company, they are Devire’s brand ambassadors.

Depending on our clients’ need, at Devire, we cooperate in the following Employee secondment  model:

  • Employments of candidates recommended by Devire
  • Employments of candidates recommended by a client
  • Creating whole teams by Devire (along with infrastructure)

Check other models of External Employment with Devire.

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