IT Contracting with Devire:
Team / Body Leasing

You seek quality IT talent, and you need it fast, but you’re not looking to pay premium recruiting fees for search and selection of full-time specialists? Your project is super-complex, and thus require different skillset at a different stage of its implementation?

Either way, the Team / Body Leasing Model of IT Contracting may be the perfect solution for your IT needs. You can lease a specialist or a whole IT team! This solution will significantly increase the efficiency of even the most comprehensive project implementation.

What is the Team / Body Leasing?

Nowadays, you are no longer tied to only old-school staffing solutions. With Team / Body Leasing, you can lease an IT specialist or a whole team of professionals in a given technology for a specific project and for a particular time, without employing them full time. However, you can still supervise and account for the project implementation and effect.

Team / Body Leasing model of IT Contracting is a great way to fill the gaps and bring on skilled IT talent to handle specific subprojects and scale back when a given phase ends up. There is full flexibility when it comes to increasing or reducing the demand for IT specialists. Team or Body Leasing allows immediate expertise that can be tailored to fit the project’s needs and requirements.

A client can cooperate with an IT specialist, as well as whole teams:
●  Body Leasing –  a flexible form of staffing of an IT individual experts who bring the knowledge, experience, and skills to a given IT project
●  Team Leasing – a flexible form of staffing a whole IT team, which supports a client in the implementation of the project (or its specific phase or sub-phase)

What are the benefits of Team / Body Leasing?

The Team / Body Leasing model has a number of benefits. It’s cost and time-efficient staffing model. It also allows you to handle the peaks and valleys of workforce demands without relying on costly permanent IT team. It’s a perfect fit for IT projects requiring different competencies at different phases, in which permanent employment is not justified from a business point of view.
With Team / Body Leasing model, you can easily optimize the project’s costs. You don’t have to create new positions in the teams and waste resources on a long and time-consuming recruitment process.

Devire – Your trusted partner in IT Team / Body Leasing

Devire will help you find resources needed for the specific project without burdening your budget and project management schedule. You don’t need to waste your time and money on a long and expensive recruitment process. You also don’t bear the cost of full-time specialists, equipment, or office space. Instead, you can “lease” the top experts or entire IT teams for a given project. The whole staffing service is on our side – from hiring, signing the contract, admin stuff, contractors management to invoice payments.

Our knowledge and understanding ensure that we can provide a bespoke service to make your IT staffing process more straightforward. We have the expertise and years of experience in implementing the Team / Body Leasing model, both for large and medium-sized companies – FMCG, insurance industry companies, and software houses.

At Devire, we work closely with our clients to fully understand their business requirements and obstacles, to create a fully customized IT outsourcing approach. We create professional teams in the areas of software development, business processes (design, implementation, and ongoing maintenance of process tools), using modern project management methods, such as scrum methodology, based on agile principles. The areas listed above are just a few examples of our specializations – we do not create predefined solutions. We adapt our Body / Team Leasing offer to our clients’ needs.

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