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The Polish IT Job Market in 2023
HR Challenges – IT Expectations

This free Devire report is a reliable source of information on trends affecting the future of the IT sector in Poland. In this report, we explore new and creative solutions for HR employees and present an up-to-date picture of the expectations of IT employees.

What do IT experts expect in the labor market in 2023?

Whether it is assessing competitiveness in times of change, or potential job-change pressure points in 2023, this report has everything you need.

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Next year, many IT employees will not be actively looking for a job, because they won’t have to. They will be fielding lucrative offers, and will treat the issues of remote work and flexible working time as a new standard, and not a benefit. More than before, when deciding to change jobs or remain in their current one, they will be guided by the atmosphere in the company and relations in the team.

Pay raise

More for less

Salary in euro

Work from home, be paid in euros

Hybrid work

Return to the office on your own terms


A growing need for participation and stability

What trends will dominate in the IT sector in 2023?

This year's report differs from previous ones, as here we analyse not only the changing expectations of experts, but also look at how effective HR departments are in managing the experience of IT employees.

Thanks to two quantitative studies and qualitative data from both internal and external sources, we have been able to paint an accurate picture of the IT labour market; and we have been able to point to both the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

I am not actively looking for a job, but I am open to new proposals

answered 56% of the surveyed IT employees.

A raise of at least 51% of the current salary

Almost every fifth respondent stated that an increase of at least 51% of the current salary would convince them to change their job. Salary is still the main factor determining a willingness to change jobs. This trend looks set to continue, and employees in their current situation will expect even higher increases.

Surprisingly, however, the need to establish relationships with co-workers ranked high among the factors motivating people to change jobs. It seems that after years of isolation, IT workers are looking for more interaction and a sense of stability in their work environment. What else will HR experts be expecting in 2023? Download this report and learn more about the key trends shaping the future of the IT job market.

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Discover future trends and expectations relating to the IT job market

The Polish IT Job Market in 2023 report is a must-read for HR and IT professionals, because here we discuss the most important needs of employees and focus on the challenges that the sector is set to face in the near future.

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