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Our Client is a global supplier of advanced IT solutions for the medical industry. We have been cooperating on a continuous basis since 2008.

The challenges which our Client has face

Our Client’s market has been experiencing rapid growth and dynamic expansion, which has necessitated the need to enhance work efficiency in order to deliver projects where timeliness is everything. However, accessing hard-to-find skill-sets and the limited pool of available candidates have posed significant challenges. Additionally, there were numerous tasks that require completion within a limited time frame; and the planned recruitment process had been put on hold. Consequently, the company found itself searching for a partner who could address these challenges and provide real-time solutions, that would:

oversee and deliver this recruitment drive

develop a streamlined and efficient recruitment process that utilizes a system capable of promptly identifying suitable candidates

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Devire solutions

In April 2008, we embarked a collaborative relationship with the client, employing an external employment model. Our focus was on delivering a specialized team of consultants committed to the client’s project, with a view to increasing the intensity and pace of operations.

This approach was facilitated by a combination of Devire expertise and know-how, supplemented by specialized sourcing tools; making us the ideal partner for the project. Due to the client’s recruitment freeze, employee outsourcing was deemed the optimal solution.

Our partnership entailed a detailed discussion of the Client’s needs, expectations, and budgetary constraints, as well as the qualifications required of the target team. With the commencement of the recruitment process, we leveraged our expansive network of contacts, making recourse to database searches, referrals, recruitment marketing activities, announcements on portals, and social media outreach. Upon identifying the most qualified candidates, their profiles were presented to the client for approval.

We assumed responsibility for not only the candidate search but also overseeing the recruitment process, hiring consultants, assigning them to work in tandem with the client, and providing quality HR and payroll services.

The results of our cooperation

Our recruitment process has proved to be highly effective in attracting a substantial number of specialists

Over the past 12 months, we have allocated 104 consultants, both IT and non-IT, to the implementation of the project

We have always endeavoured to swiftly adapt to changing market demands…

We have overseen HR and Pay-Roll services, and implemented a benefit system

Thanks to these activities and steps, the Client has retained flexibility of employment for individual projects and has been able to rapidly scale teams. The work of Devire experts has led to a dynamic increase in the company’s value and contributed to its global development.

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