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Our client was an international company that decided to launch a competency centre in Warsaw. The project involved building a centre of over 200 people from scratch.

The client planned to build a centre employing around 200 people in finance, logistics, purchasing, IT, audit and taxes and other areas within 18 months. Devire suggested the “Full RPO” solution, in which our team takes on full responsibility for the success of the project end-to-end, which enabled our client to fully focus on the business aspects of this venture. To complete the project, we set up a 9-person team of specialists in different areas led by an experienced project manager.

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Building processes and awareness from scratch

One of the first tasks the team took on was to devise and implement a recruitment strategy, which also involved creating standards for working with candidates, and with hiring managers on the client’s side. Because of the scale and complexity of the project, the Devire team prioritised maximising the effectiveness of the recruitment process and creating positive candidate experience.

Due to the start-up nature of this project, our client’s employer brand was not familiar on the market. So, we started to work simultaneously on the implementation of an employer branding strategy and campaign, striving to build up an employer brand in target groups and support sourcing activities.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing: a comprehensive approach to the client’s needs

The Devire team worked directly in the client’s offices, using their own software and sourcing tools. In this way, they had a close working relationship with the hiring managers and, at the same time, quick and effective sourcing, presenting candidates to the client within the first few weeks of the project.

The Devire team talked to an average of 145 candidates weekly, while around 20 people a week were invited to the interview stage. As part of the Recruitment Process Outsourcing service, we also supported the client in the transition to a new ATS system, ensuring the safe transfer of all necessary data, adapting previously developed processes, and training the users.

Working with Devire gets results

Throughout the project, our client decided to speed things up by reducing the original 18-month time frame to only 12 months. Despite the change, the Devire team successfully filled all open roles as originally planned, placing almost 200 specialist and management roles in over a dozen areas.

12 months later, the staff turnover rate among employees recruited by Devire RPO was 0%. This proved the effectiveness of the strategy we had offered the client, and the efficiency of the process, which turned out to be fully scalable.

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