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Our Client is an international company providing consulting and auditing services. Our cooperation began in 2017 and is still ongoing.

The challenges which our Client has face

The Client has experienced rapid growth and recognised the need for a partner to bridge the gaps in staffing and execute time-sensitive projects. However, the organisation has faced challenges in finding suitable candidates due to limited availability and recruitment freezes. As a result, the company has required flexible staffing assistance to supplement departments during periods of dynamic growth. The primary focus has been to find a solution that could provide the necessary support on an as-needed basis.

The main priorities are:

establishing a sustainable partnership with the Client

hiring temporary employees and delegating consultants to work at the Client's offices in finance, HR, talent acquisition, administration, and visualisation

providing Devire recruiters to assist the Client with various tasks and associated responsibilities

assuming all administrative and accounting duties of the Client, managing recruitment processes, payroll and benefits, and monitoring absenteeism levels while continuously replenishing the necessary staff

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Devire solutions

In 2017, our partnership with the client began, focusing on employee outsourcing and temporary work models. We worked closely with the client to create a customised plan that met their specific needs, and provided a team of experienced recruiters to accelerate the recruitment process.

As a result of our extensive experience and tailored sourcing tools, Devire was the ideal partner for the project, especially during the Client's recruitment freeze. Our consultant outsourcing and temporary work model proved to be highly effective solutions. Over the last 12 months, our partnership entailed a detailed discussion of the Client’s needs, expectations, and budgetary constraints, as well as the qualifications required of the target team.

Leveraging our vast network of contacts and various recruitment techniques, such as database searches, referrals, recruitment marketing activities, job postings, and social media outreach, we identified highly qualified candidates, whose profiles were then presented to the client for approval.

In addition to managing the recruitment process, we provided top-notch HR and payroll services and monitored employee absenteeism, promptly supplementing staff during staff shortages as necessary.

The results of our cooperation

Over the course of our 7-year partnership

We have met recruitment needs in the areas of finance, HR, talent acquisition, administration and visualisatio

We have implemented a dedicated team of recruiters who have conducted over 650 interviews

Thanks to these activities and steps, the Client has retained flexibility of employment for individual projects and has been able to rapidly scale teams. The work of Devire experts has led to a dynamic increase in the company’s value and contributed to its global development.

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