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Today's work environment is hyper-dynamic. It's influenced by various factors - the evolving nature of the business, innovative technological solutions, and different expectations of new generations of employees towards the company's organizational culture, to name a few.

That's why at the Temporary Work Agency Devire, we offer our clients flexible, temporary employment solutions in Poland, which allow them to effectively manage human resources and respond to unexpected situations with ease. As a result, our clients can deal with constant recruitment fluctuations.

Temporary Work Agency in Poland – important aspects of temporary placement

Temporary work (also known as temporary employment or temporary placement) is a fully flexible hiring model, which allows employing for a maximum period of 18 months, following applicable law. An employee signs a contract with the temporary work agency Devire, which directs them to work for a specified time to the employer indicated in the contract. A temporary worker can replace a temporarily absent employee or get involved in a specific project for a certain period.

When is it worth to employ in the temporary work model?

Temporary work is a quick and flexible way to adjust the number of employees to the company’s current needs, which guarantees staffing continuity. The whole process requires just a minimal client’s involvement.

Temporary employment is an excellent  solution in unexpected situations, such as:

  • longer employee absence (sick leave, maternity leave)
  • additional tasks that go beyond the current scope of the full-time employees
  • periods of increased work intensity
  • organizational changes and restructuring
  • additional projects & implementations

Temporary Employment with Devire in Poland

The successful implementation of many temporary assignments has enabled us to develop an optimal model of cooperation with our clients. We handle the entire process of establishing an employment relationship – from the submission of the offer to the candidate’s first day at work. Temporary Work Agency Devire is also responsible for administrative and legal issues, including payroll services and termination of employment.

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