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You will learn from the guide:

  1. What is IT Contracting?
  2. The benefits of IT Contracting in Poland with Devire
  3. IT Contracting work in practice  
  4. Further benefits… that go the extra mile
  5. The Devire Offer  
  6. How much do IT Contracting services cost?  
  7. Settlement models in IT Contracting  
  8. IT Contracting service models with Devire
  9. IT Contracting with Devire  
  10. IT Contracting, or an employment contract from an employer’s perspective: a comparative analysis
  11. The future of IT Contracting  
  12. IT Contracting with Devire – key questions about cooperation


What is IT Contracting?

IT Contracting is a flexible solution for linking IT specialists who have a diverse range of skill sets, and who can provide contract services for a specific time in order to implement a particular project.

As part of our IT Contracting solution, Devire delegates an IT contractor to carry out a project at a client’s office. This makes it possible for the client to launch a project without delay. Clients can enjoy the flexibility of selecting the relevant competences they need at a particular stage of an IT project without having to maintain teams on a permanent basis.

An IT Contracting agency should start its search from a detailed brief. Consultants will need all details about the project, such as requirements and business needs.

The agency manages the entire project: hiring, signing of the contract and all related admin and oversight. Once the terms and conditions have been agreed on with the IT specialist, the agency delegates a contractor/an IT member of staff to carry out a project.


The benefits of IT Contracting in Poland with Devire

Devire offers high-delivery solutions which will allow you to reduce your costs and acquire top-quality specialists. Creating teams by way of IT Contracting also means huge time savings, time normally lost on search and recruitment.

Technical assistance

We offer cutting-edge technical and workstation set-ups for teams and individuals.


By using a particular IT outsourcing model, our clients retain control over the implementation of the assigned task, including team selection, task allocation, and work flow.


Our outsourcing solutions are available almost for immediate delivery and provide flexible solutions for project management. At Devire, we delegate highly qualified specialists, or entire IT teams, to implement short-term projects.


IT Contracting offers clients a great deal of flexibility, whereby they can react to all changes that occur within their project, such as relocating resources, and allowing people with specific competences to join the project for either days or weeks.

Bottom Line

IT Contracting also implies cost-effectiveness. First, clients only add resources to the project when they really need to do so; second, they can optimise the additional costs that usually go with the employment of someone on a permanent basis (e.g., overheads). In the case of IT Contracting, the costs of such solutions are the costs of services, and not of employment. Even during a hiring freeze, clients can entrust the implementation of IT projects to a team of contractors.

IT Contracting work in practice

IT Contracting seems to work best for businesses that run multi-stage projects that are broken down into tasks and phases where each task requires a separate estimation.

Practice has shown that IT Contracting is ideal for large and small businesses, and public institutions where trust, performance and delivery are base-line indicators.

Devire supports clients operating in a wide array of industries and sectors of the market. Our portfolio includes:

• the financial and insurance industry,
• the medical and pharmaceutical industry,
• the public sector,
• IT/Telco, including software houses, and equipment integrators and providers.

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Further benefits… that go the extra mile

Within IT Contracting, the competences of specialists are selected according to the client’s expectations, and the required technology. If a need arises for additional skills, qualifications or another programming language, you can replace or hire additional developers, without interfering with the work schedule of the project.

IT Contracting can also be an optimal solution for businesses that want to build a team from scratch or supplement it with all the necessary competences in a given phase without delay; and without interfering with restructuring or employment restrictions. It is also ideal for companies that are having to face up to, for example, the so-called freeze, which is the freezing of posts related, among other things, to restructuring, a lack of budget, or employment restrictions resulting from the adopted market strategy.

The Devire Offer

Devire offers are tailor-made contracting solutions. Typically, the implementation of IT Contracting in Poland runs in line with the scheme outlines below:


1.Briefing with the client

Our account manager talks to the client about their needs and expectations, involving both hard technical skills and soft factors. Devire also offers consultation on rates and job descriptions.

2. Launching the search

Once expectations and rates have been established, our team starts searching for contractors. The IT job market is extremely competitive, which is why our team applies a suite of approaches and tools in order to find the best specialists – our own network of contacts and databases, referral programmes, recruitment marketing activities, job ads, and social media activities.

3.Selecting the contractors

We outline the selected professional profiles of the candidates who meet your expectations and budget capabilities. Once you have reviewed them and talked to your Devire account manager, you can select the people whom we will make an offer to work with.

4. Complying with the formalities

We take care of all formalities related to the hiring of a contractor.


How much do IT Contracting services cost?

The main cost will be the remuneration of the experts assigned to the implementation of your project. If you want to check how much IT experts make, you can consult our IT Salary Report for Poland, where you will find detailed information on the rates that apply to a regular job contract, as well as to a B2B contract. Our fee is margin based.

Settlement models in IT Contracting

Settlement models in IT Contracting vary and depend primarily on the scale of your project. In fact, there are four options on the market:

Time & Material

Time & Material is linked to a contractor’s hours of work. This system is most commonly applied for long-term commissioned jobs, such as the development of an application, or the maintenance of software. It also works well in situations where it is difficult to estimate the scope and scale of a project in advance.

Within this Time and Material framework, the Closed Book approach involves setting a fixed rate for each contractor’s month or hour of service. The monthly cost is calculated based on the number of hours worked by each contractor. Each week or month, the Time Sheet must be approved by the client. Once approved, the agency settles with the contractors.

Fixed price

The Fixed Price model entails making the agency fully responsible not only for recruitment and looking after a member of staff, but also for the entire process and the end result of a given IT project (e.g., creating an application). In this model, it is the agency that is accountable for providing the end product, i.e., the ready-to-use application, in line with the previously agreed SLA (Service Level Agreement). As a client, you get a ready-to-use product within a pre-agreed timeframe and budget.

Flat Fee

Flat Fee is a lump sum that is calculated on the basis of the contract made at the very beginning of cooperation. The invoice is issued once a month based on an approved scope of work. This kind of settlement helps to reduce admin costs on the part of the client and makes it easier to forecast expenses.

Customized sollutions

All settlement models are made according to the design requirements and individual needs of the customer. In some cases, it is more optimal, for example, to combine two settlement models within a single project.

IT Contracting service models with Devire

IT Contracting services can be provided by making recourse to a variety of models. Learn more about the models of IT Contracting services offered by Devire.


IT Contracting with Devire

Devire’s outsourcing solutions are trusted by hundreds of companies. Every day, almost 800 Devire contractors and external employees carry out various projects across a range of industries.

Let’s talk about your needs in the IT Contracting area. Arrange your free consultation now.

IT Contracting, or an employment contract from an employer’s perspective: a comparative analysis

Almost half of the IT experts in Poland are self-employed. The differences between traditional employment, based on an employment contract, and a B2B contract go much deeper than merely tax issues. Each of these forms of cooperation have their strengths and weaknesses. Neither of the two is better or worse than the other – they are just different. Here is a short comparison of employment contracts and B2B contracts in the Polish IT sector:


Employment contract B2B contract
Governing laws Polish Labour Code Polish Civil Code
Occupational medicine tests Mandatory n/a
Work time In accordance with the contract and the Labour Code Flexitime
Holiday entitlements Based on the Code None; it is possible to include a break in providing services into the terms and conditions of the contract
Allocation of costs Headcount budget Costs of external services
Workplace equipment Provided by the employer (under the Code) It is possible to outsource the equipment by the provider


The future of IT Contracting

IT experts are increasingly looking for the flexibility that B2B cooperation provides. Also, the number of companies that choose this form of cooperation, especially in the IT industry. By 2027, more than half of the workforce will be made up of independent workers and contractors. The current trends and the scarcity of IT professionals have led to a rapid growth of the IT Contracting market. In order to meet their recruitment needs, companies vie for contractors at an international level. And in the case of more demanding projects, businesses rely on contracting to in order to achieve maximum results within a short time.

IT Contracting with Devire – key questions about cooperation

Will IT Contracting bring cost savings to your business?

Yes. This form of cooperation helps to eliminate certain overhead costs, including administration and staffing issues, office space, equipment/software, tax, insurance, and many others.

Does Devire guarantee workplace equipment and the necessary tools for contractors?

Devire can provide everything from the tools needed to work, to technology, or a business payment card.

What is the minimum duration of the project?

The induction time needed to familiarise the contractor with a given project, as well as the time frame set for the implementation of the project.

How soon can a contractor start work?

The start time of the collaboration depends on the level of experience and competence of a given specialist, as well as on the technology and the size of the team. As a rule, the contractor’s involvement in a new project takes from two weeks up to a month.

Managing the contractor’s work time

The management of a contractor’s work time depends on the settlement model. In the case of the Fixed Price model, Devire takes full responsibility for recruiting and supervising the contractors for a given project. Also, in the case of Time & Material, Devire is responsible for the entire talent management process. Within the Flat Fee model, however, it is the client who decides about the work time of a contractor.

What is the guarantee of the services provided?

If a contractor resigns from a project, Devire shall provide a replacement, subject to the selected settlement model.

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