Managed Services

Outsource key tasks of your organization to experts without worrying about the continuity of your business processes and associated overhead costs. Redefine task management with Devire's Managed Services.

End-to-end business support

Recruitment and replacements won’t be a concern anymore. Managed Services is a scalable and reliable solution that will help you on the core of your business. See how to achieve a 100% task completion rate with zero turnover.


Office & Administrative Support

From reception through assistant services to customer care and support – streamline your daily operations while maintaining business continuity.


Financial & Accounting Support

From accounting tasks to advanced fiscal forecasts, ensure your company remains resilient during economic fluctuations and transitions.


Sales Support Services

From prospecting clients to closing sales processes – boost efficiency, conversion rates, and revenue with an effective dedicated sales team.

A Fresh Approach to Management

Managed Services is a partnership where you can entrust Devire with your operational activities, and we proactively manage processes to ensure the continuity of the service.

Predictable Performance

Enjoy the assurance of fixed monthly costs, eliminating unpredictable expenses.

Real-time Reporting

Have constant access to all performance indicators and ensured reporting on services rendered.

Expert Advice

Benefit from our team’s knowledge to navigate the ever-changing business environment with ease.

Business Focus

Your team can concentrate on strategic work, leaving routine operations to Devire.

System Support

Support for external sales force automation (SFA), including schedule management, time tracking, and reporting on KPI status.

Continuous Development

Our services are scalable and effortlessly adapt to market expectations as your organization grows.

Wondering, "Is this for me?"

Leave routine tasks to the experts. We take control of your operational needs, ensuring everything runs smoothly, allowing you to focus on your core business. 

  • Operational Excellence – Managed services streamline operations by taking over the work related to support service maintenance and customer service. 
  • Cost Efficiency – Reduce overall costs associated with internal management, transforming capital expenditures into predictable operational expenses. 
  • Greater Focus – Shift the main team’s attention to critical business initiatives by relieving them of daily, yet essential tasks. 
  • Advanced Specialized Knowledge – Benefit from the best talents and advanced processes supporting your business without the costs of recruitment, training, and internal team management. 

Collaboration Process in 5 Steps

1. Discovery of Needs and Conversation

2. Strategic Planning

3. Implementation of Managed Services

4. Proactive Task Management

5. Transparent Collaboration

Redefine Process Management

Switch to Managed Services and focus on your core business activities. Rest assured that critical tasks are handled by experts.
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