Case Studies


IT Outsourcing

Building an IT Customer Support Team for Lipscore

Lipscore decided to establish a new IT Customer Support and Web Development team in Poland. Devire found and hired qualified specialists for roles such as IT Customer Support, Ruby Developer, and Fullstack Ruby Developer. Additionally, Devire supported Lipscore by offering HR consulting. 

IT Services

How we optimized the performance of our client's application

The costs and maintenance of our client’s application were out of control. An application audit performed by Devire IT Services identified bugs in the code and identified priorities for application development.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Building a competency centre from scratch

Our client decided to open a competence center in Warsaw. The project involved hiring more than 200 people in 12 months.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing​

Recruitment of 108 experts in 11 months

The launch of a competence center in Poland was another step for our client in building the company’s position as a major provider of audio and sound system solutions.

Employee outsourcing

Over 100 dedicated consultants in 12 months

The rapid growth and dynamic expansion in our client’s market has created a need to increase the efficiency of the work performed to complete urgent projects.

Employee outsourcing and temp work

Outsourcing as a long-term strategy since 2017

Our client needed flexible staffing support to fill in departments at times of peak growth.

Permanent IT Recruitment

Logicworks x Devire

The client planned to expand the geographic reach of its services, which translated into the need for qualified engineers specializing in technologies such as AWS, Azure, Linux and JavaScript.

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