Task Delivery Solutions

In Task Delivery Solutions, the client and we collaborate to define a set of specific tasks to be accomplished within an agreed timeframe.

Our Task Delivery Solutions are an exceptional choice for businesses in need of a cost-effective, transparent, and hyper-flexible IT delivery solution. With TDS, we collaborate closely with you to thoroughly understand your unique requirements, ensuring that we deliver results that meet your expectations.

This model is commonly utilized in IT service desks, specifically for defining tasks such as setting up Active Directory accounts for new employees. Additionally, we can employ this model as a hybrid approach. For instance, a standard fee for application maintenance through a managed service may not encompass sufficient time for product enhancements. To address this, you can choose a “task package” consisting of e.g. 100 hours of development as a pre-paid option. Once these hours are utilized, you still have the option to purchase a new package.

Key benefits

  • Devire is dedicated to promptly completing tasks within the agreed timeframe, ensuring your project runs seamlessly.
  • You can have peace of mind knowing that our commitment to excellence will deliver the results you desire.
    You are charged for each task, rather than for assigned resources. This allows for better budget planning and enables you to concentrate on core activities.
  • The delivery of tasks is meticulously monitored, ensuring adherence to agreed-upon Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
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