Salary Report Poland 2021: Learn about Salaries and Trends in your Industry!

Are you an employer wondering how to win over effectively the best professionals in your industry? Devire’s "Salary Report Poland 2021" gives you the insights you need to have the right people in place to keep your business moving forward.

The free Salary Guide is a reliable source of updates on the challenges, current wages, and employment trends in Poland in 2021.

The salary survey by Devire includes the 2021 salary structure and valuable comments by experts from a number of sectors in Poland.

Salary report Poland 2021

The Salary Report Poland 2021: How much will the Experts and Specialists in Poland be earning?

Devire’s Salary Guide 2021 in Short

In addition to an extensive guide to salaries for 100+ roles in Poland, our new digital “Salary Survey Poland 2021” is packed with insightful and practical hints for hiring managers and job seekers alike. You will find a list of salary rates broken down by specialization, experts’ comments, and Polish labour market trend forecasts for 2021.

Labour Trends in Poland for 2021

Despite the pessimistic outlook for a rising unemployment level, 2021 will bring salary increases for a number of professions. Although changes have affected nearly all business sectors, in many cases, it is still an “employee market” for jobs, and 56% of Poles are generally content with their remuneration.

Our Salary Report Poland 2021 suggests that, despite the crisis, salaries have increased in IT, construction and real estate, e-commerce and digital marketing.

Among those who can count on better pay are cloud technology experts, mobile app and machine learning developers, specialists in digital marketing, e-commerce, web analytics and data management, managers experienced in change management and implementation of large-scale strategic projects.

What will you find in Devire's "Salary Report Poland 2021"?

See the salaries for over 100 specialists, experts, and managers from 13 market sectors! In our Salary Guide we look into the renumeration level in the following sectors in Poland:  

– Digital, Media & E-commerce
– Sales and Marketing: Consumer Goods
– Sales and marketing: IT &Telecommunications
– Energy
– Retail
– Property and Construction
– IT and Telecommunications
– Finance and Accounting
– Pharma and Medical Devices
– Manufacturing and Engineering
– Banking and Financial Services
– Human Resources

Salaries in Poland in 2021

The “Salary Report Poland 2021” provides valuable information on the minimum, maximum, most frequently offered, and average monthly salaries for specialists and managers across Poland. All data included in the salary review derived from the analysis of actual wages offered to candidates during recruitment projects run by the Devire Team. Salary levels have also been consulted with professionally active employees.

Looking for the Polish version of Salary Report Poland 2021? Here you will get our complimentary Salary Guide.  

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